There are many ways you can help

If you cannot adopt a bunny, consider fostering; if you cannot foster, consider sponsoring;
if you cannot sponsor, consider volunteering; if you cannot volunteer, considering donating;
if you cannot donate, advocate.

  • FOSTER - We are looking for foster families for our Seabeck 11 group. Even a short break from the shelter works wonders on a bunny!
  • SPONSOR - Our Bunny Toy Drive runs through December as we try to find sponsors for each of our bunnies. For the 3rd consecutive holiday season, (with their Facebook page) is helping Rabbit Haven provide Christmas gifts for the buns. Help us by selecting and sponsoring a bunny via their facebook page picture album.
  • VOLUNTEER - Rabbit Haven is looking for volunteers.  If you would enjoy being a part of our team and helping these wonderful animals, please email
  • DONATE - Every dollar counts, and there are many ways to donate to help out. Check out our donation page for ideas and give without bounds. Also, did you know that you can benefit Rabbit Haven every time you shop at Fred Meyer? Check out our help page for 3 easy steps to get started.
  • Matching Funds - Many employers and organizations offer matching funds. If you are interested in spear-heading a matching campaign and need information on Rabbit Haven to present to your employer, please reach out to our founder, Sue, at
  • ADVOCATE -If you cannot donate, please take a moment to advocate for bunnies, shelter animals, and spay & neuter. Every word and action counts.  


We accept PayPal and JustGive for Bunny Money!


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Help us establish a bunny food bank

Your donations of food and grocery store gift certificates can help us help families who would desperately like to keep their pet bunnies, but who have fallen on difficult times financially. Can you help us keep beloved bunnies in their forever homes? 

Contact us if you are interested in helping out with this project.


Donate your junk!

Used printer cartridges

Your old car

Your old stuff