New ways you can help



We accept Pay Pal for our Bunny Money!!

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-Help Somebunny-

Donate items and/or volunteer for our Garage Sale. We will be holding our annual garage sale in Gig Harbor on May 25th on the Key Peninsula Hwy!!  Right now, we're collecting any and all items to include in the sale, and we're lining up folks to help with this fun event!


Help us establish a bunny food bank. Your donations of food and grocery store gift certificates can help us help families who would desperately like to keep their pet bunnies, but who have fallen on difficult times financially. Can you help us keep beloved bunnies in their forever homes? 


Contact us if you are able to help with these projects.


Old printer cartridges & phones!


Donate moola!

Donate your time! We need volunteers.


Become a Foster Mom or Dad!
Even a short break from the shelter works wonders.


Donate what you think is junk! We have a long wish list.