Sponsoring Bunnies at Rabbit Haven

Many of our adoptable, recovering, and sactuary bunnies are looking for sponsors.

By sponsoring a bunny, you can become part of that bunny's story, its progress, and its life.

As a sponsor, you can choose to donate regularly or toward specific medical needs, send everyday supplies, treats, and toys, as well as visit. Visited bunnies are able to become and remain more social, giving them an advantage toward adoption.  

Also, as a sponsor, we hope that you will advocate for responsible bunny ownership and share your bunny knowledge with others.

Meet Jenny

Sponsorship type: medical needs

Jenny is a beautiful, sweet bunny. She is currently awaiting dental surgery and is not adoptable at this time. Her previous owner did not maintain her teeth with the appropriate diet, and they have grown too long, which causes her damage.

Jenny really needs a sponsor to help us with her medical costs, and get her ready for adoption. She is already spayed and healthy otherwise.

Meet Alvin & Simon

Sponsorship type: visitor, continued socialization, treats & toys


Alvin and Simon are brothers. They came to Rabbit Haven from a rescue in California, whose owner had passed away, and so they had nowhere to go. They are both neutered, medium size, adult New Zealand bunnies. Since they are a bonded pair, we will always keep them together, whether at the shelter or once adopted.

Alvin (white) is the more curious of the two, but if you sit in their enclosure a bit, both will come up and check you out. They are ready for a forever home, where they can play and relax together.

While at Rabbit Haven, Alvin & Simon would very much like books and treats to chew on and keep them busy. Perhaps a tunnel would be fun too, to hide and play in.

Meet Quincy

Sponsorship type: visitor, socialization, treats & toys

Quincy came to Rabbit Haven as part of The Seabeck 11 group--bunnies from a breeding operation that supplied bunnies to a meat farm. This is truly his second lease on life. He is about 6 months old, neutered and medium size; a New Zealand bunny. Since he has not had a chance to be socialized, he is a bit shy, but he is young enough for a mate. Quincy is ready for his forever home and family.

Being that Quincy is a single guy, he would really like a visitor to while away the hours. A chew toy and treats would help him overcome his shyness.

Meet Benjamin

Sponsorship type: visitor, socialization, treats & toys

Benjamin (Ben) is a 2 - 2 1/2 year-old Florida White and a REW. He's a quiet little guy (about 4 lbs). He's neutered and healthy. Ben came to us from a breeding operation, and he's the only one among his siblings social enough to become adoptable. The rest of his group lives in our warren.

Ben is so quiet. He could really do with a visitor bringing some treats, toys, and love. Ben will gladly take a treat when offered, but being that he's neither of exotic breed nor color, he is often overlooked among adoptees. We need someone to champion for Ben.

Meet Merlin

Sponsorship type: visitor, play time outside his pen, treats & toys

Merlin is 1.5 year-old Holland lop with fabulous blue eyes and cute floppy ears. Merlin is a low-stress kind of guy, loves being petted, and would make a great therapy bunny.

He came to us with a cyst in one eye, which has been removed using funding from our generous donors and supporters. Merlin is now ready to go home to a family, and preferably with a mate.

No worries about shyness here--Merlin is a friendly boy who is just itching to get out and explore. Plan on him jumping up next to you for a better vantage point. He is an easy going bun with a curious side. Merlin loves being petted and would really like visitors.