We are so grateful for all of the support we receive. Our generous donors, auction attendees, and supporters allow us to keep the barn running. It takes a lot to keep our bunnies warm, safe, fed, and dry. We cannot do it without our volunteers and community assistance.


We have a winner at the Christmas Drawing!

Our winner is Max P. in Sammamish, WA

Runners up, winning a 2018 Rabbit Haven calendar each, are

Beverly H.

Vicki R.


We truly count our blessings and
thank all of you who have supported the bunnies at Rabbit Haven.

2018 Calendar & Survey

In 2018 we want to do even better and are looking for your input to be able to do so. And with this, we're launching our first ever Friends of Rabbit Haven Survey!
This is a quick 2-minute survey for all ours supporters, donors, and friends.

And we are giving away a FREE 2018 Bunny Calendar to the first 10 respondents of our survey.
Don't miss out!

Our 2018 Bunny Calendar is also for sale to all bunny fans out there. You can preview the bunny pictures at our dedicated calendar page. The calendar is only $15 each ($19 if you opt to have it mailed to you), and 100% of the proceeds go right back to our bunnies.

Our supporters took pictures of their bunnies, our volunteers edited and crafted the calendar and web page, and a friendly neighborhood printer gave us a great discount on the print job. This is a team project! Join team Rabbit Haven and order your copy today!

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About Rabbit Haven

Rabbit Haven is a non-profit rescue and shelter for domestic rabbits. Our barn is located in Gig Harbor, WA. Our mission is to help as many rabbits as we can, but sometimes we are full and cannot accept new rabbits. Please email to inquire about intakes and adoptions.


New Arrivals at Rabbit Haven

Bunnies from the Seabeck 11 will be ready for adoption on December 10. Please contact us if you're interested in fostering or adoption. Also, see our Adoptable Bunnies page for other awesome bunnies looking for a forever home.



 We have updated our Amazon Wish List!


Rabbit Haven has many needs - and the Amazon Wish list is

the fastest and easiest way to

send a much-need item for all the buns!



 Hip Hop Hooray!! We sell hay!!









Bunny boarding services

Going out of town?

Your bunny will need a place to stay

- we have that perfect place!


Boarding is only $10.00 per night per bunny.

Or $15.00 for per night for Double Occupancy

We offer monthly rates too!

Contact us for information or use our Boarding Request form.