We are so grateful for all of the support we receive. Our generous donors, auction attendees, and supporters
allow us to keep the barn running.  It takes a lot to keep our bunnies warm, safe, fed, and dry. 
We cannot do it without our volunteers and community assistance.


2017 Winter Events in

Support of the Bunnies at Rabbit Haven

The cold winter weather has arrived to western WA, and we are getting notifications daily of dumped or neglected bunnies needing homes, as well as requests from owners wanting to surrender their bunnies. We hope you will all join us and help us in our cause as we respond to these requests.

If you cannot adopt a bunny, consider fostering; if you cannot foster, consider sponsoring; if you cannot sponsor, consider volunteering; if you cannot volunteer, considering donating; if you cannot donate, advocate.

  • FOSTER - We are looking for foster families for our Seabeck 11 group. You can read about the Seabeck 11 below. Even a short break from the shelter works wonders on a bunny!
  • SPONSOR - Our Bunny Toy Drive runs through December as we try to find sponsors for each of our bunnies. For the 3rd consecutive holiday season, (with their Facebook page) is helping Rabbit Haven provide Christmas gifts for the buns. Help us by selecting and sponsoring a bunny via their facebook page picture album.
  • VOLUNTEER - Rabbit Haven is looking for volunteers.  If you would enjoy being a part of our team and helping these wonderful animals, please email
  • DONATE - Every dollar counts, and there are many ways to donate to help out. Check out our donation page for ideas and give without bounds. Also, did you know that you can benefit Rabbit Haven every time you shop at Fred Meyer? Check out our help page for 3 easy steps to get started.
    • Matching Funds - Many employers and organizations offer matching funds. If you are interested in spear-heading a matching campaign and need information on Rabbit Haven to present to your employer, please reach out to our founder, Sue, at
  • ADVOCATE -If you cannot donate, please take a moment to advocate for bunnies, shelter animals, and spay & neuter. Every word and action counts.  

with PayPal


About Rabbit Haven

Rabbit Haven is a non-profit rescue and shelter for domestic rabbits. Our barn is located in Gig Harbor, WA. Our mission is to help as many rabbits as we can, but sometimes we are full and cannot accept new rabbits. Please email to inquire about intakes and adoptions.


New Arrivals at Rabbit Haven

Bunnies from the Seabeck 11 will be ready for adoption on December 10. Please contact us if you're interested in fostering or adoption. Also, see our Adoptable Bunnies page for other awesome bunnies looking for a forever home.



 We have updated our Amazon Wish List!


Rabbit Haven has many needs - and the Amazon Wish list is

the fastest and easiest way to

send a much-need item for all the buns!



 Hip Hop Hooray!! We sell hay!!









Bunny boarding services

Going out of town?

Your bunny will need a place to stay

- we have that perfect place!


Boarding is only $10.00 per night per bunny.

Or $15.00 for per night for Double Occupancy

We offer monthly rates too!

Contact us for information or use our Boarding Request form.